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Presentations from the 6/19/07 COOP/Disaster Recovery and Teleworking event:

All documents are PDF

Executive branch guidance on COOP includes:
   Presidential Decision Directive 63 - Protecting America’s Critical Infrastructures
   Federal Preparedness Circular 65 - Guidance for developing comprehensive contingency plans.
   Presidential Decision Directive 67 - Ensure the continuity of essential Federal functions.

For more information, view this white paper:
U.S. Government Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP): Legislative Overview and Selected Case Studies

COOP and Disaster Recovery Planning will help your agency to:
  • Identify Agency functions that must be continued
  • Prioritize and protect essential and non-essential functions
  • Maintain a high level of readiness during routine operations
  • Implement COOP contingencies with & without warning
  • Attain operational capability within required time after disaster
  • Develop a viable COOP plan that provides for Planning Considerations and Regulatory Compliance issues

Learn more about Symantec Disaster Recovery.

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For more information on COOP please read the following literature:

Symantec - Achieving Continuity of Operations (PDF)
Symantec - Business Continuity: Symantec Intelligent Application Recovery Solutions Guide
ADIC - Storage Solutions Brochure (PDF)
Pillar - Disaster Recovery (PDF)
Pillar - Data Systems Disaster Recovery Solutions for COOP Planning (PDF)

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